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Jelly or Jam? A Recipe for Living

Which is it, jelly or jam? Those little purple gems can do wonders for the vapors so I have heard.

I took my dog for an ice cream the other day, just us; the kind of day you wish would go on forever – sunny, slight breeze, a good day for a bike ride.

Shorter days, cooler temperatures and the waning days of summer beckon the approaching season. Seems like only a couple of weeks ago I was wishing for a cooler day. Well, winter is still a ways away so I decided to skip the biking today and take my dog for a nice walk along the canal instead. However, the ice cream stand on the way reminded me of the last time I took my other dog for ice cream, a couple of years ago around this time. We were on our way to the vet for a final goodbye – one last cool treat for a long and generous life of faithful companionship. Today I thought my best friend Spike would like an ice cream before her last day approaches.

Invariably I seem to have a few projects going on at any given time. Painting some old furniture, framing family photos, baking a blueberry pie or cookies for the grand kids, taking classes, and making decisions about how best to precede with the rest of my life keeps me occupied. Is it any wonder I find myself in constant conflict over whether to write, paint, read, relax, take a bike ride, or walk the dog?

Out of the corner of my eye, next to the car where Spike waited at the window, I noticed these vines laden down with clusters of perfect little grapes. Oh, no! I could see another major project coming on right then. After scooping off the top half of the cone for Spike, I contemplated those grapes while licking away at my ice cream. Do I need one more project looming before me while the painting needs doing, the garden weeded, classes to take, cookies to bake? Contemplating done, I then proceeded to obtain permission to gather some of those lovely specimens for a batch of jelly. While Spike enjoyed her ice cream and the rest of mine, I could not resist clipping a few bunches of those little purple clusters.

Satisfied with ice cream and a bag full of grapes Spike and I headed to the canal for our walk. Salt air filled my senses with a renewed sense of spirit, and the extra energy to finish at least one painting project when we got back home. Fat and happy Spike took a nice nap.

With cookies to bake, classes to take, and the eternal gratefulness of a best friend I will now commence to making jelly; or jam – which is it? I guess it depends on the recipe either way.


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