The Difference between Diet Coke and Coke zero

The current generation we live in is becoming more health-conscious than ever. People are constantly watching the foods they eat and the drinks they consume to lead long, healthy lives. Food and drink companies are obviously taking advantage of this by introducing new lines of products specifically designed for those looking to cut the calories.

Cocaine and Coca Cola Coca Cola and Cocaine Cocaine in Coca Cola Cocaine in Cola Drinks

When Coca-Cola was first invented in 1886, it was advertised to be “a valuable brain tonic and a cure for all nervous afflictions.” To say that it was “invigorating” would be an understatement. Until 1903, it is rumored to have contained about 9 mg. of cocaine per glass. It also contained caffeine, which increased the

The uses of Citrus

The mere thought of citrus conjures up robust and refreshing aromas. And that is not surprising as it is believed that citrus first originated in the tropical and sub-tropical lands. Some of the names that fall in this bracket are lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruits and tangerines. Citrus is loaded with an abundance of flavonoids, vitamin

Which one would you Drink

If you spent two days in a desert without anything to drink and then suddenly stumbled upon a bottle of water and a can of Pepsi, which one would you need to drink to live? Even though water is essential to sustain life, overall soda seems to reign supreme in our American culture. Aside from

How to Make Homemade Orangeade

Making homemade orangeade is as simple as making homemade lemonade and the process is quite similar. However, orangeade is a relatively new idea. Why we have enjoyed lemonade for decades and only in recent years thought to try another citrus fruit is somewhat of a mystery. Orange juice has been a welcome addition at the

Drink Recipes Wassail Punch

Here’s Mud in Your Eye You can hear this shout go out around Great Britain every Christmas time in those households who have someone who knows the ancient skills of mixing and serving the spicy, aromatic and ever so slightly potent Wassail punch. We, English, are responsible for some of the finest foods and some of

Why Diet Drinks Make you Gain Weight

Yes, diet drinks do make you fatter. When consuming diet drinks in massive quantities, such as more than about three a day you can be doing your body a major disservice. And you thought you were doing the right thing by reaching for that diet drink instead of a regular soda. I’m sorry to say,

Mas Punch Recipes Wassail Recipes Wassail Punch Recipe Christmas Drinks Christmas Cheer Recipes

 Wassail is a hot, spiced punch often associated with Yuletide and Christmas. The following Christmas and Yuletide punch recipes are guaranteed to be party favorites with family, friends and loved ones.  Learn some of these Christmas and Yuletide punch recipes and impress friends! Try out a new Christmas and Yuletide punch recipe every week to perfect them

Soft Drink Reviews Ramune

It was around 2004 in which I had heard about this Japanese soft drink called Ramune. In most cases, Ramune is something that is only available in Japan. Luckily, I can buy the stuff from an Asian grocery store. The bad part is that there are no Asian grocery stores near where I live. I

Irn Bru

-IRN BRU- Irn Bru is great! I first drank this in Scotland when I lived there some years ago. I hadn’t heard of it then as it wasn’t available in England at that time, and on first tasting It immediately hit me what an original tasting drink it was. It is a very popular and